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Neumann u67

neumann u67 In this Peluso P67. Vintage Neumann U67 tube, excellent, rare, w/original capsule K67, PSU | Musical Instruments & Gear, Pro Audio Equipment, Microphones & Wireless Systems. I've recently purchased a Brauner VM1 KHE and I'm looking for another mic. I want to get a U67 or U Which is more versatile? I'd like to hear  Peluso P vs Neumann U.

Neumann u67 - Hill Bonus

I believe that tube mics with an external power supply are really a smarter design and produce a much nicer audio picture than phantom powered alternatives. Neumann U67 or U87, whats the dif? The U87s have a much more "rocky" high end. I have a pair of vintage U87's - matched by Korby - they are very nice but the U67 is really another league. Some people mod a U67 to be more open sounding and some people mod the U87 to overcome the shortcomings of it's electronics and the headroom issues. Originally Posted by DigitMus. The unit is fitted with a standard equipment type mains input socket. I'm a big U67 fan, for me it's the best mic. A world class capsule for under 2k. I disagree about the high end.



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