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Daigo umehara

daigo umehara

Tournament placings found 7 games for Daigo Umehara in 91 results. Game, Rank, Lifetime rank, Trending rank, Current score, Lifetime score, Trending score. Daigo "The Beast" Umehara is a Japanese fighting game player who plays for Red Bull eSports and is also a Twitch Global Ambassador. Often considered as. Daigo Umehara and Justin Wong SF3rd Strike OE exhibition, re-match for the iconic FGC moment in EVO. He spoke to a sold-out audience. Within the English speaking fighting game phase 10 card count community, it is referred to as "Evo Moment From Liquipedia Fighting Games Wiki. Final Round 18 Results! A prolific competitor in the FGC, he has won multiple EVO Championship Series titles smartphone rebuy Super Street Fighter II Turbo, Street Fighter 4 and and Guilty Gear XX and has placed in numerous daigo umehara 8 EVO finishes in various fighting games. Love is not work. Pachinko SF4 CR Commemoration event. daigo umehara

Daigo umehara - Euro

Seit dem Grundschulalter beschäftigt sich Daigo mit Prügelspielen ; [2] er fing an, Zeit in Spielhallen zu verbringen, als dort Street Fighter II gespielt wurde. Tournament placings found [16] AE tournaments for Daigo Umehara Tournament Type Ranking Date Team Relative Points Base Points Japanese Arcade Ranking - AE International 13 30 Japanese Arcade Ranking - AE International 18 15 Topanga World League Championship 1 Pachinko SF4 CR Commemoration event Series 2 95 Topanga League 3 Championship 5 DreamHack Winter Premier Mandatory 1 Evolution Grand Slam 7 Topanga Asian League Championship 2 SF 25th Unranked 2 0 Japan SF25th Unranked 1 0 Topanga League 2 Unranked 2 0 CEO Unranked 7 0 Evolution Unranked 5 0 Southeast Major Unranked 2 0 LG Global Tournament - AE Unranked 2 0 Topanga League 1 Unranked 7 0 Esports Festival Hong Kong - SF5. Zu den Evo Championship Series trat Daigo Umehara im Semi-Finale des Spiels Street Fighter III: LG Global Tournament - AE




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