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Fast food quiz

fast food quiz

Wie gut kennst und liebst du Fast Food á la McDonalds, Burger King & Co.?. Can you name the fast food restaurant by its logo? Test your knowledge on this just for fun quiz to see how you do and compare your score to others. We have a list of the 50 biggest fast food restuarants in the United States. See how many you According to QSR magazine; Quiz by Quizmaster - Sep 16.


Top 10 HORRIFYING Things Found In Fast Food fast food quiz I live in Nebraska and my favorite fast food restaurant isn't even listed - Runza!!! Want more from Offbeat? Was gibt es bei McDonalds play angry birds eine neue Beilage nur kurzzeitig? Leute Mode Partnersuche sponsored by:. Der Tattoo-Roboter Zum Video. Then I looked at the calories in some of their baked items. Wie Gillette gegen Wilkinson vorgeht.


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